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About the Range MLS

Background InformationJoining the Range MLS

Background Information

Founded in 1982, the Range Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has rapidly grown to 200+ members and consists of 65+ offices throughout northern St. Louis County.

MLS History

Multiple listing dates back to the nineteenth century. First Boards of REALTORS® were established as “Real Estate Exchanges”. The term “multiple listing” came into use shortly after the end of the nineteenth century. By the 1920’s multiple listing had become widely accepted. The expansion of multiple listing services continued and spread throughout the country with the result that today hundreds of local Boards of REALTORS® provide Multiple Listing Services to their Members.


A Multiple Listing Service is defined as a means by which one Participant makes a blanket unilateral offer of subagency to the other Participants and as a facility for the orderly correlation and dissemination of listing information among the Participants so that they may better serve their clients and the public.


Through the facility of multiple listing, information concerning individual listings can be made known to all REALTORS® who participate. The basis of the multiple listing activity is the creation of a facility whereby REALTORS® may most effectively invite other brokers to enter into sub-agency agreements with them for the sale of their listings and provide information necessary to permit such cooperation.


  • Members share prior sales information for comparative market values. appraisals and current market conditions.
  • Listings are available to all MLS members rather than a single agency.
  • Joint advertising and purchasing  power at lower rates.
  • Rules and regulations guidelines.

Joining the Range MLS

Any REALTOR® licensed in the State of Minnesota may join the Range MLS as long as the broker of the Real Estate Company joins and is a member of the National Association of REALTORS and agrees to the rules and regulations of the Range MLS.


To join our MLS you must become a member of the Range Association of REALTORS® or be a member of another REALTOR® Association.


Please download the MLS application to view the costs of membership

How to Join

Applications for membership maybe obtained from the Range Association of Realtors office.  You may send an email for or call the office at 218-741-0154.

Broker Application

To join theMLS, each brokerage must complete and submit the following form.

Agent Application

In order for the agent to join, the agent’s broker(age) must be a member. Then, the agent can complete and submit the application to join the MLS.